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New York’s New NoMad Hotel

You know a neighborhood has made it in New York when it receives its own abbreviated nickname. The latest addition to the map is NoMad—short for North of Madison Square Park—which is also fittingly the name of Andrew Zobler’s newest lifestyle hotel. Using the Beaux-Arts style facade of the newly opened NoMad Hotel as inspiration for the interior, Zobler tapped French architect Jacques Garcia to complete his vision. From the inside out, the hotel boasts a distinctive feeling that mixes European hospitality with downtown NYC details.

(Cool Hunting)


POPOS, Secret Spaces Of San Francisco


(Image: via SPUR)

I actually found out about this from my boyfriend, after telling me he wanted to go to all the POPOS. I was dumbfounded of course, so I did my research, & was excited to write about it here because this is one of those hidden easter egg that not even the locals know about. POPOS stands for Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, and are located around the Downtown San Francisco area. There are about 68 secret spaces that offer alluring vistas of SF, & intimate indoor or outdoor settings. Maps are available to all 68 secret spaces with a helpful guide to get you there, such as where to go to avoid security guards, find unmarked doors, & hours of operation. I can’t wait to find some of these hidden spots with my boyfriend!

(Big Think)

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