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All That Glitters Friday: Statement Necklaces

(Image: via Stella & Dot)

These over-the-top necklaces can be seen making its mark in runway looks and street style. Since Mardi Gras was celebrated this week on Fat Tuesday, the statement necklaces are reminiscent of the bundles of colorful beads which people are rewarded for heavy drinking & boob-flashing in the streets of New Orleans. You then grab as many bead necklaces tossed from the carnival floats. I just love the variety of looks the statement necklaces has making this trend easy to pull off with such looks as: the bib, collared, layers, vintage, & geometric necklace style. Have a great weekend my awesome readers!

(Images above all from Racked)

(Image: via The Cut)


Kate Spade “Give Colorfully” Holiday Campaign

See their holiday campaign come to life…

Deck the halls from head to heels. See and shop Kate Spade’s ‘Karolina’ heels!

Spreading good cheer! Check out this cute ‘Be Merry Be Bright’ holiday card!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time and with Kate Spade’s colorful holiday campaign, I can’t help but be even more excited! I hope you all enjoy getting ready for the holidays as much as I do!

(Kate Spade)

Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 Lookbook

(Click here or on the image to view slideshow)

I simply adore this Spring ’12 lookbook by Alice + Olivia. These outfits would be perfect to wear during this winter season. Time to look glamorous in velvet, sequins, & fur for the holidays!


Style Inspiration: Generous Gratitude


I love that cute dress! You can find this look & shop the ‘Welcome Retreat’ collection from Modcloth.


Style Inspiration: Lovely Blue & Leopard Print


Get the look:

  • AK Anne Klein Tab Sleeve Animal Print Shirt
  • GAP 1969 Always Skinny Jeans
  • Steven by Steve Madden Women’s Pembrook Ankle Boots
  • Hobo International Calaveras bag

(Kendi Everyday)

Style Inspiration: Bright Lips & Cutoffs


Get the look:

  • The Mulberry Alexa bag
  • Beauty is Life lipstick in Kingdom
  • Stripe angora mix cardigan
  • Hudson Jeans Hampton cuffed shorts


Style Inspiration: Fall-Ready Favorites


Get this look:

  • Brooklyn Industries waxed canvas bag
  • Kristi boots by Kelsi Dagger
  • Dress from Topshop’s Prim & Polished line
  • Floral leggings or tights from Forever 21


Useful Tips For Vintage Shopping

The poster above is for an event in Alamenda to promote a vintage fashion expo. I love vintage clothing and accessories, but I was always uncertain where to buy and how to wear them. I have a small collection of some beautiful vintage dresses and jewelry that I’ve only worn on special occasions, but I want to use these vintage pieces more often if possible. These shopping tips from vintage expert and Vintage Fashion Faire co-founder, Sandra Michaan really helped me understand how to buy, choosing the right era, and how to style vintage with modern pieces. If you’re a beginner vintage shopper like me, this is definitely something you’ll find handy! Excerpt from article on SF Indie Fashion:

What is a good way for someone to get introduced to buying vintage?

A good way for someone new to get introduced to buying vintage is to attend a vintage fashion faire or expo event. There are dozens of professional dealers vending all in one place. Many have been in the business for years and own shops. They are experts and can find the right styles for you to try, and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eras, inventory  and sizing. It’s like having a mall of personal vintage shoppers who handpick and select merchandise that is right for you. Also, if you don’t have a stylist, you can enlist a stylish friend who already wears vintage to go shopping with you. I always help my friends find pieces for their collections and show them new ways to mix vintage.

Any ideas for beginners who aren’t sure how to wear it?

Look at magazines and browse the internet to see how other stylish folks are wearing vintage. You can be inspired by style blogs, since many bloggers are savvy to mixing vintage with modern pieces. Also many celebrities are wearing vintage and they have stylists who are vintage collectors so they style them for appearances and photo shoots. I recommend starting with accessories like vintage scarves, hats, belts and jewelry and working your way into more adventurous looks as you get more confident with wearing vintage.

Can anyone wear any era of vintage or are certain eras more appropriate for different body types?

I believe you can wear any era of vintage and look fantastic, but certain eras have cuts that are more flattering to different body types. It’s all about finding the style that feels right for you.

How can one identify different eras of vintage? What distinguishes one era from another?

If you’re new at collecting vintage there are books to guide you. Also, at vintage shows, dealers can assist you with their knowledge. Watch TV and films from different eras. They depict very specific time periods and the costumers get it right. They win awards for their expertise. I’ve studied fashion history and it’s fascinating to go to fashion exhibits at museums. What distinguishes one era from another is fabric, length, fit, etc. and it will be easy to determine once you get the hang of it.

Is it ever acceptable to wear vintage from head to toe? What about mix-matching eras?

It is acceptable to wear vintage head to toe if you are re-enacting an era. Some people are vintage lifestyle enthusiasts and even wear authentic undergarments. They belong to vintage societies and are passionate collectors. If you do choose to wear vintage in that way you will look as though you stepped off a movie set and you will get noticed. However, a more modern approach is to mix modern and vintage. Also, it’s perfectly fine to mix vintage eras. I like to mix Victorian lace and 60s styles with modern pieces. It’s how you mix it that matters. Try to find eras that echo each other in tone. It’s an advanced styling technique but it looks fresh and unique when you see it.

How do you feel about recycled fashion (modifying a vintage piece into an updated or different look)?

Recycled fashion is an art form. I’ve seen some pieces that have been destroyed by time restored into a fabulous new garment that looks new and modern by some of my dealers at my shows. I have myself done this. Sometimes, an old garment just doesn’t work in it’s original form and needs a fresh update. Often, moths destroy sleeves, or silk disintegrates. Embellishments can be added to revive a tired gown. I love to recycle fashion that way and reinvent something. Even broken jewelry can be made new again and many dealers at my shows have achieved this beautifully.

Why are fashionistas drawn to vintage?

One of a kind looks are always a strong way to make a fashion statement. Stylish types love to go for fashion that they know others won’t have. No one wants to walk into a room and see another person wearing the same outfit! Not to mention that vintage garments are often couture quality for much lower prices.

Who are your favorite vintage designers?

Halston, Yves St. Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar De La Renta, Pucci, Lilli Ann.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Flea markets, books, magazines, film, museums, art, nature, travel, music, the internet!

What are your tips for buying vintage: what should one look for, and what not to buy?

When buying vintage always look for good condition.  If you buy something that needs restoration, take that cost factor into consideration. Don’t pass on vintage items if they aren’t current designer names. Sometimes, lesser known labels can become collectible in the years to come. As for size, it’s always a good idea to go up in size since you can always get larger items altered to fit. Don’t rely on modern sizing since old labels have different sizing standards. Sizes vary from decade to decade and from manufacturer to manufacturers since they are from the past. Try every item on or get measurements to ensure a proper fit. Lastly, always buy what you love. Vintage is a good investment and is always in style.

(SF Indie Fashion)

Top 10 Fashion Brands Conquering The Web


(Image: via Fashionista, Burberry Facebook)

These are the top 10 fashion brands doing well using e-commerce:
1. Burberry
2. Kate Spade
3. Coach (tie)
3. Gucci (tie)
5. Dolce & Gabbana (tie)
5. Tory Burch (tie)
7. Ralph Lauren
8. Hugo Boss (tie)
9. Louis Vuitton (tie)
10. Michael Kors

The list above is based on ratings using L2 Digital IQ Index. In this day & age, Web technology continues to evolve, with the help of social media channels and e-commerce. I find it strange that the fashion industry hasn’t fully taken advantage of going online to help brands get notice. I follow Burberry & Kate Spade on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, & feel I’m better connected with the brands now more than ever. These brands have been clever enough to use social networking to grab more audience, in addition their online shoppers, for brand awareness and increase sales.


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