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Mary Kuzmenkova Photography

Above are just some of my favorites, but you can also click the link below to see more images.



Fashion Photography By David Seidner

Author of several photography books, David Seidner was known for his portrait and fashion photography and had held shows at Paris and New York.




(Silly Supper)

Blue Hour Photographs From Around the World

One of the best times to photograph outside is during the golden hour, or when we get the first and last hours of sunlight. If you’d like to capture more stunning and magical photos, however, try and catch the blue hour (or twilight), the window of time in the morning that begins minutes before sunrise or the period in the evening after the sun has set (and before complete darkness). Click the image above or the link below to see more blue hour photos.

(My Modern Met)

‘Cubes For Alber & LeWitt’ By Jessica Eaton

Highly technical photographic method adds “multiple exposure and colored light” on plain, monochromatic cubes create complex & beautiful geometric colors.

(Cool Hunting)

Inspiring Photographs From Tom Palumbo

(Images: via Tom Palumbo Photography)

Tom Palumbo is known for his photography in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in the 50’s and 60’s. These photos and outfits are beautiful and timeless, I love it!

Dreamy Fashion Photography By Lara Jade

(My Modern Met)

Photo of Inception-like City

(Image: via My Modern Met)

Trippy kaleidoscope photo of a city.

SF Bay Area Beautifully Engulfed In Fog


(Image: via My Modern Met)

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. Been sick for the pass two weeks, & wasn’t feeling to well to write or post anything. Well I’m back & I just had to post this images of my lovely Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog.

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