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All That Glitters Friday: Cartier Relaunches The ‘Juste un Clou’, The New “It” Bracelet

The ‘Juste un Clou’ (translated meaning “just a nail) bracelet is making it’s mark to be the new iconic Cartier jewelry. design by Aldo Cipullo—the same visionary behind Cartier’s cute & iconic Love bracelet that adorned the wrists of many ‘70s superstars, like Elizabeth Taylor to Ali McGraw. The industrial-inspired piece is available in white, rose, and yellow gold, and some with diamonds. Cartier is celebrating its reintroduction by staging an exhibition of Cipullo’s imaginative work at the Cartier Mansion in New York, from April 13th to May 8th (visit for more information). 

(In Style)


All That Glitters Friday: The World’s First Diamond Ring Carved Entirely From Diamond

Geneva-based Swiss jeweler Shawish has come up with a pure diamond made ring costing $70 million. This diamond ring weights 150 carats and it is carved entirely from one piece of diamond using laser and traditional cutting techniques. This ring is “The World’s First Diamond Ring” and was unveiled at Baselworld. This ring puts all other rings to shame.

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All That Glitters Friday: Jewelry From Polli

Today’s edition of All That Glitters celebrates the more sustainable side of fashion featuring an array of jewelry collection from the Australian-based company called Polli. The jewelry line has several collections: from simple & delicate stainless steel which you can select to stitch on soft leather, woven style uses the stainless steel motif with colorful threads or ribbons woven throughout, and wooden style are carved pieces with various colorful designs. Each piece is unique and combines the look of organic and industrial design. I really like the stainless steel collar necklace with the red velor ribbon from the image below. Stop by and visit Polli site to see more lovely jewelry.

(Images: via Polli)

Style Inspiration: Patience’s Burgundy Cords & Mustard Sweater

What a cool name, Patience, which is a feature I lack most of the time. Love the color block with the cord and the sweater. I also adore the bow necklace and other jewelry she’s rockin’ for detail. Get the look:

  • GAP corduroy legging pants
  • Equipment Sophie striped silk-chiffon shirt
  • J. Crew sweater
  • Michael Kors stainless steel chronograph watch in goldtone
  • J. Crew earrings
  • Ann Taylor bow necklace
  • Kimberly Baker ring
  • J. Crew classic pavé link bracelet
  • Zara shoes

(Just Patience)

All That Glitters Friday: Statement Necklaces

(Image: via Stella & Dot)

These over-the-top necklaces can be seen making its mark in runway looks and street style. Since Mardi Gras was celebrated this week on Fat Tuesday, the statement necklaces are reminiscent of the bundles of colorful beads which people are rewarded for heavy drinking & boob-flashing in the streets of New Orleans. You then grab as many bead necklaces tossed from the carnival floats. I just love the variety of looks the statement necklaces has making this trend easy to pull off with such looks as: the bib, collared, layers, vintage, & geometric necklace style. Have a great weekend my awesome readers!

(Images above all from Racked)

(Image: via The Cut)

All That Glitters Friday: Repossi Ear Cuffs

(Images via Le Fashion)

These ear cuff are TO DIE FOR! Diane Kruger was wearing the black gold Berbère multipiercing four ring earrings for the ‘Les Adieux De La Reine’ Premiere during day one of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival at the Berlinale Palast on February 9, 2012 in Berlin. I took a look at the Repossi website and immediately fell in love with the Berbère collection.

All That Glitters Friday: Initial Necklaces


These lovely selection of delicate initial necklaces are precious enough to keep as a staple jewelry that you’ll never want to remove. An initial necklace is a great way to personalize any look, using an initial of your own name or a name of a loved one. The images above are some of my favorites pieces. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

All That Glitters Friday: Indian-Inspired Luxury Lifestyle

(Image: via Pinterest & Exclusively In)

I just adore this armlet (or Baju band) I found on Exclusively In website! All the items on the website are inspired by Indian luxury fashion. Their jewelry selection are just to die for, as all the pieces are unique in its own way & beautifully designed. Check out the website & see what else they have to offer, you won’t regret it!

All That Glitters Friday: My Sparkly Wishlist

I’m sorry for not having posted ANYTHING throughout the past week. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and trying to recover. I made a wishlist of some accessories that I would like to get for Christmas this year, so I hope someone awesome & amazing gets me something from here. And yes, I did put a De Beers pendent necklace as one of my ultimate luxury gift that I will get when I marry (and/or divorce) a rich man… Yeah right! I kid of course, because seriously, I’m not a shallow & heartless person who marries for money, not at all. Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend (16 days left before Christmas by the way)! Enough of my rambling, here’s my  wishlist of accessories for women who adore anything that sparkle & shine in luxury. From left to right:

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