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Highly Visual Perspective Of Flowers


‘Inorganic Flora’ by Japanese artist Macoto Murayama. He first takes a number of photos and sketches of plants from nearly every angle. He then uses an array of digital programs, like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and even 3-D modeling, to create highly visual works. By highlighting and separating specific pieces of the flora, Murayama wants to show the technical and almost mechanical aspects of these organic organisms.

(My Modern Met)




An awesome & colorful anime artwork from a Japanese site.


Vectorfunk (2008-2010)

Vectorfunk (2008-2010) created by Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics. This is actually my second post of this artist. I simply enjoy his work & I know you will too.

(MWM Graphics)

‘Cubes For Alber & LeWitt’ By Jessica Eaton

Highly technical photographic method adds “multiple exposure and colored light” on plain, monochromatic cubes create complex & beautiful geometric colors.

(Cool Hunting)

Circulation By Minjae Lee

South Korean artist Minjae Lee created this colorful piece entitled Circulation, which may look like it was made using digital editing tools at first glance. In fact, he actually uses old-fashioned tools like markers, pens, crayons, and acrylics to create this piece and his previous work. Check out his link below to see more of his artwork.

(My Modern Met)

Crystals & Lasers


Crystals & Lasers Exhibition in France. This colorful mural was made by Michael W. Moore of MWM Graphics.

(MWM Graphics)

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