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Autumn/Winter 2011: Comfy Hoodies


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It’s that time again when you feel that chill in the air. I first thing I grab is my hoodie. I LOVE hoodies for as long as I can remember. These stylish hoodies add just the right amount of comfort, & the hoods on sweaters, jackets, & poncho are getting noticed this fall.



New Fashion Website StyleOwner Let’s You Create An Online Boutique And Get Paid Doing It

(Image: via StyleOwner)

Similar to another beta Launched website Shop My Label, this new site StyleOwner allows fashion-savvy users to make their own boutique for free. Not only can you curate all your favorite online finds to add to your boutique, you also get a 10% commission on every sale made. Since the website is still in beta phase, you can sign up for an invitation.

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