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Mary Kuzmenkova Photography

Above are just some of my favorites, but you can also click the link below to see more images.



Springtime With Gelaskins Wallpaper

I’m mostly on my phone when I write & then I realized I wanted to do some spring cleaning to clear up space & change the scenery on my phone. I used the Gelaskins app to update my wallpaper on my phone & since it’s springtime, I downloaded some of my favorite spring-inspired artwork. Speaking of spring cleaning, I just wish I can be motivated enough to start the daunting task soon.








Catalina Estrada’s Colorful Wallpaper Collection


Colombian artist Catalina Estrada created this intensely colorful & saturated new wallpaper collection. Estrada combined her graphic design skills with her love to illustrate, to produce these whimsical wallpapers. She collaborated with Coordonne, a company with a 35-year history of producing stunning collections of wall coverings and textiles. Regarding Estrada’s work, the company declares that the pieces will, “Convert any blank wall into a breathtaking work of art.”




(My Modern Met)

Floral Murals By Paul Morrison

London-based artist Paul Morrison creates large-scale landscapes like no other. Focusing on floral motifs, the contemporary artist incorporates gigantic compositions of flowers and botanical elements into architectural environments. While most landscape portraits reflect the enormity of man-built structures or the vastness of a natural land, Morrison fills the frame with enormous renditions of plant life in the foreground, leaving the actual landscape in the background.

The artist’s installations generally employ his signature monochromatic scheme, often sticking to a classic black and white configuration. The exceptions are his pieces that blend 24-karat gold leaf with acrylic paints, though he still uses only the colors gold and white. No matter the color scheme, each mural presents a larger-than-life experience in which the spectator can take the time out to appreciate the beauty of botany.

(My Modern Met)



An awesome & colorful anime artwork from a Japanese site.


Vectorfunk (2008-2010)

Vectorfunk (2008-2010) created by Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics. This is actually my second post of this artist. I simply enjoy his work & I know you will too.

(MWM Graphics)

Oakland Mural By Thomas Christopher Haag


Artist Thomas Christopher Haag creates his newest mural in Oakland. Using fine-line detailing and colorful symmetrical squares to fill and surround the animals, he gives this block-long artwork an unusual feel. His artwork looks pixelated & I love the how the colors just go together.

(CA Home + Design)

‘Cubes For Alber & LeWitt’ By Jessica Eaton

Highly technical photographic method adds “multiple exposure and colored light” on plain, monochromatic cubes create complex & beautiful geometric colors.

(Cool Hunting)

Circulation By Minjae Lee

South Korean artist Minjae Lee created this colorful piece entitled Circulation, which may look like it was made using digital editing tools at first glance. In fact, he actually uses old-fashioned tools like markers, pens, crayons, and acrylics to create this piece and his previous work. Check out his link below to see more of his artwork.

(My Modern Met)

Crystals & Lasers


Crystals & Lasers Exhibition in France. This colorful mural was made by Michael W. Moore of MWM Graphics.

(MWM Graphics)

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