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All That Glitters Friday: My Sparkly Wishlist

I’m sorry for not having posted ANYTHING throughout the past week. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and trying to recover. I made a wishlist of some accessories that I would like to get for Christmas this year, so I hope someone awesome & amazing gets me something from here. And yes, I did put a De Beers pendent necklace as one of my ultimate luxury gift that I will get when I marry (and/or divorce) a rich man… Yeah right! I kid of course, because seriously, I’m not a shallow & heartless person who marries for money, not at all. Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend (16 days left before Christmas by the way)! Enough of my rambling, here’s my¬† wishlist of accessories for women who adore anything that sparkle & shine in luxury. From left to right:


Make A Statement


My new & favorite fashion quote to be inspired by. Who doesn’t enjoy being noticed?

All That Glitters Friday: The Elements Of Style – Vogue’s Guide For Accessories Spring 2012

I wanted to do something different to my blog & decided to do an all-accessories segment every Friday that I call “All That Glitters.” I fucking love accessories, and this segment will cover almost anything from jewelry, watches, brooches, hair clips, hats, bags, belts, shoes, & scarfs. One of my style mantra that I follow is to never leave home without at least an accessory (or two), to complete & personalize any outfit. I feel naked even without my earrings or necklace whenever I forget because I’m in a rush to leave. So what I do now whenever I’m in this situation is to leave a piece of accessory in my purse or in my car, just to make myself feel better & not feel like I’m missing something.

This Friday’s All That Glitters segment is from Vogue‘s list of accessories for Spring 2012 that made the runway. These lovely pieces are definitely for the spring, & can individualize any style for the upcoming season.


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