About mycercatrova blog

Hello inspiration seekers & thanks for visiting my personal blog. I started doing this as a way to keep all my favorite eye candy moments in one place, share socially online, & refer back when needed. It’s a place for me to write my thoughts & share anything I find (in the Web & in my life) that’s creative & oozes inspiration. Hence the name Cerca Trova, an Italian phrase for “seek & you will find.”

The contents curated here are meant to inspire, covering topics related to fashion, lifestyle, music, beauty, art & design, photography, & technology. I’ll also post some random or personal stuff about myself so readers can also get to know the writer behind the blog.

About Diane Ruby

Bred in the Philippines & buttered in San Francisco since I was six. Lived in the Bay Area most of her life, but would rather explore the world.

An alumni from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design & Merchandising. Achieved eight years combined professional work skills in retail, administrative support, & apparel merchandising.

Secretly enjoys writing & take notes on random things. Besides writing, I’m playing tennis, sleeping, wining & dining with O, doodling, reading, taking photos, looking at pretty things, & playing dress up.

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