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Miu Miu Spring 2012 Campaign by David Sims

Miu Miu releases its complete spring 2012 campaign starring Australian actress Mia Wasikowska who is known for her role in “Alice in Wonderland”. The new advertisements lean towards the unconventional side with quirky portraits captured by David Sims. Spring’s kitschy prints are complemented by flyaway hair and oversize jewelry in a studio setting.

(Fashion Gone Rogue)


Floral Murals By Paul Morrison

London-based artist Paul Morrison creates large-scale landscapes like no other. Focusing on floral motifs, the contemporary artist incorporates gigantic compositions of flowers and botanical elements into architectural environments. While most landscape portraits reflect the enormity of man-built structures or the vastness of a natural land, Morrison fills the frame with enormous renditions of plant life in the foreground, leaving the actual landscape in the background.

The artist’s installations generally employ his signature monochromatic scheme, often sticking to a classic black and white configuration. The exceptions are his pieces that blend 24-karat gold leaf with acrylic paints, though he still uses only the colors gold and white. No matter the color scheme, each mural presents a larger-than-life experience in which the spectator can take the time out to appreciate the beauty of botany.

(My Modern Met)

All That Glitters Friday: How To Add More Sparkle In Your Life

I’m constantly finding ways to keep me inspired and active for 2012 by finding the beauty & joys in even the simple things in my life. This urge to find beauty & knowledge helps put my life in perspective in which I am striving for improvement, & a way to start off is by adding a hint of sparkle to brighten my life. Never take life for granted. The list below are from the Glitter Guide site to give some ideas to find sparkle in your life.


Don’t save your favorite jewels for ‘a special occasion.’ Life is the special occasion! Treat every day like a party, and wear a tangle of your favorite necklaces, a cluster of your grandmother’s brooches, or your treasured rings each day.


Be kind to your body. Get enough sleep and sunshine, eat well, drink gallons of water, and move about. You’ll not only be overflowing with energy, but you’ll also look gorgeous and radiant.


Practise random acts of kindness. Tell a stranger in the street how great they look, leave a little note with a tip at your local cafe about how much you adore the cake, volunteer for a worthy local cause. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but doing lovely, selfless things often will make you smile on the inside.


Always buy yourself a bunch of flowers. They needn’t be expensive! (In spring, I love nothing more than $2 bunches of daffodils and white narcissi on my windowsill.) The loveliness that they add to your home will belie their cost.


If you’re in a wardrobe rut, make an effort to do your hair and put on your cutest heels for no particular reason at all. You’ll spend the day feeling that little bit lovelier.


Don’t let grey skies get you down! Treat them as an excuse to wear a poppy pink lipstick, an adorable umbrella, and perhaps a shot of pastel or fuschia in your outfit (the same optimistic rules apply to bad days).


Tweak your everyday routines to make the rituals extra special. Can’t function without your morning tea or coffee? Have it in your prettiest china! You’ll feel as though you’re having a tea party every single morning!


One day every week (without fail), go on a date with someone you love. It doesn’t need to be grand or over-the-top. Why not go somewhere fabulous for a cocktail with your best friend on payday each month? Or get dressed up to see a musical you’ve been wanting to see for ages all by yourself? Or take a bike ride at sunset with your loved one? Whatever it is, make time for special moments with the people you love.


Add some sparkle to your home (literally!). I’m all about these glittery letters (via Twisted Twig on Etsy) to put on a bookshelf or against a wall. Or, brush up on your DIY skills and make a garland of glittery bunting to string across your wall. You’ll smile every time you look at it!

If you’re feeling uninspired, broaden your horizons. Make plans to take a trip to a city you’ve always wanted to explore, visit a new museum in your area, or go to your favourite bookstore for something wonderful to read this week. Instant inspiration!

(The Glitter Guide)


Style Inspiration: Office Space

Denim skirt for the office? Very interesting, and the bright loose V-neck top balances out this outfit to perfection. Such as chic and laid back look that’s great to show off at work. Get the look:

  • Gap V-neck shirt and skirt
  • Warby Parker glasses
  • Steve Madden platform shoes
  • Pour la Victoire bag


Style Inspiration: Martina From Danny Rose

Love the baby blue lace skirt which looks great for spring! Get the look:

  • H&M skirt and clutch
  • American Apparel shirt
  • Topshop shoes

(Danny Rose)

Color Stories: Shades Of Green That Reminds Me Of The Ocean


(Creature Comforts)

Style Inspiration: Wendy’s Panel Skirt


Lovely skirt! Get the look:

  • Bebe top
  • BCBG skirt
  • Proenza Schouler clutch
  • YSL shoes
  • J. Crew belt
  • AxxxA Schmuck-Atelier cuff

(Wendy’s Lookbook)

Style Inspiration: Belted Coat Love


Who she is: Danielle

Where we spotted her: Downtown.

Why we love her: Remember when we sang the praises of belted coats? Danielle is sporting a totally different style (less robe-like), but one that we’ve got just as much love for. Tying on a belted coat in a print, a bright color, even just a chic gray pattern like this one can vastly improve the look of the Chi-town standard tights-n-heels. Bonus points for that adorable mini bag!


All That Glitters Friday: Jean-Paul Gaultier Now Sells Gold Bars

I actually posted this as a joke, but this is actually happening… Gold bars with the Jean-Paul Gaultier name. Wow. I guess this is the new way to brand a designer name, in pure one once gold bar. But getting your hands on this shiny limited edition “collector’s piece” will cost you. Dillon Gage quoted a price for the bar this morning of $1,826.33 plus a $25 handling fee. With spot gold trading around $1,660 per ounce, that means you’re paying a 10% premium for the  Gaultier brand. It makes for a great pendant I guess, but this a bit ridiculous don’t you think? What do you guys think about branding gold bars? Gold is gold to me, but you’re paying more for these…

(Wall Street Journal)

Jason Wu For Target

First Look: Jason Wu for Target

First Look: Jason Wu for Target by polyvore-editorial on

(Images: via Refinery29)
Hooray! I can’t wait for Jason Wu’s Target collection available on February 5th. Each item is really flattering and timeless as Target offers really pretty dresses, blouses, skirts, and adorable handbags. I want it all! See the rest of the collection by going to the link, or clicking the images above.
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