What You Should Be Reading: Article On “The Hipsterification Of America”

Hipsters are everywhere! The article The Hipsterification of America was something I found while I was on Twitter, & I just had to post it on my blog since hipster culture is prominent in fashion, music, & lifestyle. According to the Urban Dictionary, hipsters are “a subculture of men & women typically in their 20’s & 30’s who value independent thinking, counterculture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art & indie music, creativity, intelligence, & witty banter.” I couldn’t help but giggle a bit & be enlightened at the same time as I was reading about hipsters while being surrounded by hipsters on a daily basis. What caught my attention was learning about the current production of a documentary-style Web series American Hipster that’s airing on YouTube in April 2012. I hope you guys read this interesting article on hipster culture. What are your thoughts & does this culture affect your lifestyle in any way?


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